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Comments from a few CopySitter clients:

"Julie did a fantastic job editing both of my books; I was very pleased with her services on many levels!  Not only did I learn my written punctuation could use a lot of work (ha ha!), I also greatly appreciated her perspective and the questions she asked from a reader's point of view enabling me to fine-tune certain aspects of the book.  Her tips on rewording, adding and/or removing content were equally valuable.  Not only will I be using Julie's services for all future books I publish, but I will also continue to sing her praises and recommend her services at every opportunity."

~Angela May

Author of Destination: Sold! and Destination Dream Home

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"Julie is fantastic!!  Her professionalism is exceptional.  I gave her a whole novel to edit, and I was more than happy with the results.  She is very knowledgeable, organized, and pays great attention to detail.  I was so pleased with my experience, I plan to hire Julie again to edit future writing projects!!"

~Lila Vamosi

Other proof* of my greatness (if not my humility):

"[Julie], more than almost anyone I know at [work], always goes above and beyond to respond to business requests. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate her positive and can do attitude."

"Julie, thanks for being a terrific business partner thru so many projects and for your flexibility."

"Julie, thank you so much for always coming to my rescue! You're so great to work with and such an asset to our organization."

"Julie maintains a cheery, can-do attitude in every instance I've interacted with her... and is a perfect example of the type of team member I wish I could have all the time on every project."

*Actual people did say these wonderful things about me. I have simply chosen not to include their names.

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